Day of Writing

I have taken the plunge and am on day 4 of writing and sadly I only have over 2,000 words done. I have 2k words in a prologue done so far and around 400 in chapter 1 completed. I keep going back and re-writing parts of my prologue. I know where I am going with the prologue, but I think I just weigh myself down with trying to get too perfect to quick. I am almost completed and hope to finish the prologue tonight.

Unfortunately, I got sick though and that is hell. If you would of asked me a few days ago I would of said being stuck inside is great for writing but when your sick the last thing you want to do is create in your mind and stare at a computer screen. I also feel my creative side needs the outdoors and while I’m sick I try to stay inside.

I have decided to post my first excerpt from the prologue today. Tell me what you think of it and I know it could change as first drafts always change even the words you once loved at first can change after you give yourself some space from your work.

The pair crept through the thick forest floor keeping their right side parallel to the wall. Quietly they maneuvered over brush and fallen leaves, careful to keep their footsteps slow and muffled. As they walked the sound of moving water lapping onto a bank grew stronger. Dalia heard the water splashing and she started to sprint. Her long legs propelled her forward over brush and fallen branches, moving gracefully the tattoo on her legs expanded and contracted as her leg muscles flexed. Yon, slower and heavier in comparison, tried to keep up but Dalia was swifter, and soon he ran towards the river alone. His legs were stumpy, and the black tattoo that ran from the top of his hipbones down through his kneecaps and to his toes was long though his dark leg hair made it less noticeable.

On another note how do you write stories? Do you free write without editing or do you edit and then write some then go back and read what you have written? What is your strategy?



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