Been Slacking Lately

So in this new year I have been slacking lately. I’m in my final semester of college. Better known as the final stretch. College is weird though because unlike graduating high school, when you graduate you are going into the unknown. Most people know they will go into the work force or college after HS, but college is different. You have consciously chosen to get a degree in a field of work then you graduate and realize you have to make another decision to keep in that field. And more than keep in that field you have to fight for a job. 

Get a degree they said. Things will fall into place they said. They lied.


A degree is only the first step out into your journey. After the schooling comes work if your lucky. For most though, you have to fight. Fight back tears in interviews. The constant struggle shove your way into a career. Hopefully you choose wisely.



So that is why I haven’t been writing as much lately. Today after class and work. I will write though. And read some more in A Dance of Dragons.


Back at it Again

So today I started writing again. Well I’m actually reading and writing. I have decided to read a few of my favorite books for inspiration. I like to open up my favorites read a few chapters and write down what I liked about them. Today I read game of thrones the first chapter.

Here’s what I wrote down

skin prickle, crispness, hinted, cruel, slayer, thieves, consorted, scrawny, mingled, steaming, solemnly, donned, command, dragged, ragged, peeled, sprayed, eagerly, loomed, reappeared.

Robb says the man died bravely but Jon says he was afraid. Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?

That’s the only time a man can be brave.

I really like that last exchange between Bran and Ned. It sets the tone of the whole book as does the first sentence of ch 1 when Martin describes how winter is creeping into the summer. If I could write half as good as Mr. Martin I would be very happy. There our writers every year who get best selling novels and movie deals *cough* Veronica Roth… Who don’t write nearly as well as him. Even if you don’t enjoy his books because fantasy is not your thing you can still learn from his books. His characters come alive and grow. They are real, as our their struggles. In a world set in fantasy, magic, dreams, his characters hold real worth. That in my view is hard to achieve. I find at times when writing I get so wrapped up in making a scene, getting the setting perfect, expanding and moving the plot along, keeping conflict interesting, that I forget to paint a realistic character picture. I look to much at the grand scheme and I forget about the players. I cannot think of one main character in a song of ice an fire who has not grown. Even Cersei who I despise has grown.

Though I will play the devils advocate for a moment and say even Mr. Martin could improve on a few things as we all can. I think he’s afraid to bring his characters together and find an ending. Also he needs to finish the book…..I live near New Mexico….I want my ending or I will haunt him like the others. 🙂

What our a few book you draw inspiration from? Our they in the same genre as your writing? In my case most our not. I’m writing a new-adult fiction book.